absolute deed

документ про остаточну передачу правового титулу (переважно на нерухомість)

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  • absolute deed — A document used to transfer unrestricted title to property. Dictionary from West s Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005. absolute deed A document used to transfer unrestricted title to property …   Law dictionary

  • absolute deed — A document of conveyance without restriction or defeasance; generally used in contradistinction to mortgage deed. See deed …   Black's law dictionary

  • absolute deed — See absolute conveyance …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • absolute deed as mortgage — An instrument in the form of a deed which is given effect as a mortgage. 36 Am J1st Mtg §§ 125 et seq …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • absolute — ab·so·lute adj 1 a: free from qualification, condition, exception, or restriction rights that even seem absolute have these qualifications Long v. Rockwood, 277 U.S. 142 (1927) see also absolute ownership at ownership compare …   Law dictionary

  • deed — A conveyance of realty; a writing signed by grantor, whereby title to realty is transferred from one to another. National Fire Ins. Co. v. Patterson, 170 Okl. 593, 41 P.2d 645, 647. A written instrument, signed, and delivered, by which one person …   Black's law dictionary

  • absolute — Complete; perfect; final; without any condition or incumbrance; as an absolute bond (simplex obligatio) in distinction from a conditional bond. Unconditional; complete and perfect in itself; without relation to or dependence on other things or… …   Black's law dictionary

  • deed — Broadly defined, a writing sealed and delivered by the parties; in the modern sense, an instrument conveying real property or an interest therein. 23 Am J2d Deeds § 1. See absolute deed; bargain and sale; quitclaim deed; release and quitclaim;… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • deed absolute — Same as absolute deed …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • deed — 1 n 1: something done: act (1) my free act and deed 2: a written instrument by which a person transfers ownership of real property to another see also deliver …   Law dictionary

  • absolute conveyance — Absolute or conditional conveyance. An absolute conveyance is one by which the right or property in a thing is transferred, free of any condition or qualification, by which it might be defeated or changed, as an ordinary deed of lands, in… …   Black's law dictionary

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